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Violence Against Women, Time to Put an End to It

Since January 123 women were killed by their male partners or loved ones in Italy.

Yesterday a woman was strangled by her own husband in front of their children. Two days ago a man was sentenced to 18 years of jail because he set fire to his pregnant girlfriend, causing her to deliver a premature baby.
This summer a man shot his sister because he thought she should not be wearing a miniskirt.

These are just the last examples of violence against women. I could go on forever, because every three days an Italian woman gets killed by a man.

Every three days.

No matter where you live or how you live, if you are rich or poor, if you are a woman, you are not safe.

Today we celebrate the International day against domestic and gender violence, but so far nothing has been done to stop this monstruous phenomenon. Physical or psychological violence cannot be erased from a victim’s memory. Think about all those children, listen and helpless witnesses of their mothers suffering, how can they overcome that nightmare? How can they forgive those men?

They simply cannot. We cannot.

As a member of the feminist community I feel I am due to speak up and stop this genocide.

Men are responding to women indipendency is a worrisome way. It is not even about the glass ceiling, actually is more than that. It is not about holding us back, they do not even want us to live, to breathe. Women tried to set themselves free from patriarchy and the social system answered with strength. In some sick way, men feel like they are losing their grip on leadership roles in society and feel threatened.

To all those men I want to say: yes, it is true! You are losing your role and it is just about time! Since you have done nothing but to harass, command and control women, you now fear you will be treated the same way.

Fear not little men, because that is not what we want. We do not wish for you to be at our leash and bark only when you are asked to. We just want to live our lives as our own person. We do not belong to anyone but us.
All cis and trans women must be united against gender violence. We should be defending each other. Until we do not obtain safety for us, we will never be able to reach real progress.

As sisters we need to fight back for a better world.




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